Optical connector

Fiber optic connector types

The connector can be supplied as a pre-assembled one-piece connector or as connector kits.

LC Connector

LC connector

LC stands for Lucent Connector. LC connector is push and pull type. The LC fiber connector has good performance for single mode and are widely used in fiber optic patch cord.


SC Connector

SC Optical connector offers excellent packing density, and its push-pull design resists fiber end face contact damage.


ST Connector

ST connector

ST fiber connectors are a good choice for easy field installations; ST connector is metal structure. it is a push-pull type, not screw type. Ferrule of ST fiber optic connector is exposed outside..


FC Connector

fc connector

FC Optical connector has a floating ferrule that provides good mechanical isolation; Same as SC fiber optic connector, FC connector is also invented by NTT Company. FC has metal housing, screw structure, FC connector and SC connector have the same ferrule and sleeves.


E2000 Connector

e2000 connector


MTRJ optical Connector

mtrj connector kit mtrj connector

MT-RJ optical connector was developed based on MT connector which is commonly used for data transmission; it has a RJ-45 style structure, so called MT-RJ. MTRJ connector is with duplex fiber channel inside one single connector, the space between the two channels is 0.75mm.



MU Fiber Optic Connector

mu connector kit
MU stands for Miniature unit Coupling; MU has the smallest single ferrule, so it is welcome for densely installation. NTT has developed a variety of MU connectors.

SMA Fiber Optic Connector

sma 905 sma 906 connector

DIN Fiber Optic Connector

optical din connector


Escon connector

escon cable


FDDI connector

fddi connectorfddi connector kit

D4 connector

d4 cable


Optical connector can be supplied as a pre-assembled one-piece connector or as connector kits.

Optical connectors are installed on fiber patch cable ends to provide cable attachment to a receiver, transmitter or other cable. Optical connectors can enable quicker connection and disconnection. All connectors have 4 basic components: connector body, ferrule, cable and coupling device.


Features of optical connector

Low insertion loss and back reflection loss
Free-floating ceramic ferrule
UL-rated plastic housing and boot
Boots in a variety of colors
High precision alignment


Fiber optic connectors chart

Optical connectorLong formCoupling typeFerrule diameterStandardTypical applications
FC connectorScrew2.5mmIEC 61754-13Datacom, telecom, measurement equipment, single-mode lasers; becoming less common
ST connectorBayonetBayonet2.5mmIEC 61754-2Multimode, rarely single-mode; APC not possible (note 3)
SC connectorSubscriber ConnectorSnap (push-pull coupling)2.5mmIEC 61754-4Datacom and telcom; extremely common
LC connectorLucent ConnectorSnap1.25mmIEC 61754-20High-density connections,SFP transceivers,XFP transceivers
MPO/MTP connectorSnap (multiplex push-pull coupling)2.5×6.4mmIEC-61754-7; EIA/TIA-604-5 (FOCIS 5)SM or MM multi-fiber ribbon. Same ferrule as MT, but more easily reconnectable.[2]?Used for indoor cabling and device interconnections. MTP is a brand name for an improved connector, which intermates with MPO.[3]
MT-RJ connectorSnap (duplex)2.45×4.4mmIEC 61754-18Duplex multimode connections
MU connectorMiniature unitSnap1.25mmIEC 61754-6Common in Japan
E-2000 connectorSnap, with light and dust-cap2.5mmIEC 61754-15Telecom, DWDM systems;
ESCON connectorEnterprise Systems ConnectionSnap (duplex)2.5mmIBM mainframe computers and peripherals
D4 connectorScrew2.0mmTelecom in the 1970s and 1980s, obsolete
MT connectorMechanical TransferSnap (multiplex)2.5×6.4mmPre-terminated cable assemblies; outdoor applications[2]
SMA 905 connectorSub Miniature AScrewtyp. 3.14mmIndustrial lasers, military; telecom multimode
SMA 906 connectorSub Miniature AScrewIndustrial lasers, military; telecom multimode
SMC connectorSub Miniature CSnap2.5mm
Biconic connectorScrew2.5mmObsolete
Avio connectorScrewAerospace and avionics
ADT-UNI connectorScrew2.5mmMeasurement equipment
Deutsch 1000ScrewTelecom, obsolete
DIN (LSA)ScrewIEC 61754-3Telecom in Germany in 1990s; measurement equipment; obsolete
DMIClip2.5mmPrinted circuit boards
ECpush-pull typeIEC 1754-8Telecom & CATV networks
F-3000Snap, with light and dust-cap1.25mmIEC 61754-20Fiber To The Home (LC Compatible)
FibergateSnap, with dust-cap1.25mmBackplane connector
FSMAScrew3.175mmIEC 60874-2Datacom, telecom, test and measurement
LuxCis1.25mmARINC 801PC or APC configurations (note 3)
LX-5Snap, with light- and dust-capIEC 61754-23High-density connections; rarely used
MICMedia Interface ConnectSnap2.5mmFiber distributed data interface?(FDDI)
NEC D4Screw2.0mmCommon in Japan telecom in 1980s
Opti-JackSnap (duplex)
OPTIMATEScrewPlastic fiber, obsolete
TOSLINKToshiba LinkSnapDigital audio
V-PINV-SystemSnap (Duplex) Push-pull coupling

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